The Miyetti Quarterly Law Review is published by Miyetti Research and Publications Limited as a peer reviewed law journal with the aim of advancing cutting edge substantive and adjectival practice and procedural insights into contemporary topical legal issues arising from Nigerian and comparative Law from other jurisdictions thereby expanding the frontiers of legal knowledge.

The scholarly articles also examine the Nigerian legal perspective of issues considered from an inter-disciplinary viewpoint where necessary. This innovative journal also seeks to publish articles that address trending legal issues from other jurisdictions, which are considered relevant to the furtherance of both the practice as well as the profession of law in Nigeria.

The Miyetti Quarterly Law Review seeks to publish articles that queries the adequacy or otherwise of the extant legal and regulatory framework in the area of coverage with a view to proffering workable solutions that can serve as the needed catalyst to jolt the nation’s economy from its current doldrums as well as provide a platform for policy formulators to re-invent the laws so as to give Nigeria a vintage position as the preferred investment destination in the highly competitive global market place.

The pivotal role of the private sector has necessitated the need to widen the participation of foreigners/aliens in the Nigerian economy. In order to attract significant foreign direct and foreign portfolio investment into the country, international trade and investment law must be accorded prime consideration. There is also the need for corporate restructuring to strengthen the local and foreign companies by way of mergers and acquisitions and ensure that they are coordinated in accordance with international best practices.

The daunting challenge posed by toxic debts to banks prompted the previous regime in¬†Nigeria to set up the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria as a ‚Äėspecial rescue¬†vehicle‚Äô to salvage some Banks who were almost crumbling under the weight of bad¬†debts. The Journal therefore considers it apposite to place the issue of asset recovery on¬†the front burner in this maiden issue in order to enrich the legal literature available on¬†the subject matter in Nigeria for the use of judges, lawyers, private and public sectors,¬†and researchers on the subject matter.