(Special Edition. Vol.1)

(Deadline: 1 October 2016 )


Miyetti Law Review is published by Miyetti Research and Publication Limited as a peer reviewed journal with the aim of advancing theoretical and practical insights into legal issues arising from Nigerian Law, thereby making original contributions to legal knowledge. The articles are tailored to the Nigerian legal system with inter-disciplinary law practices in focus. It also seeks to publish articles that address from comparative perspective developments in other jurisdiction which are relevant in furtherance of legal scholarship in Nigeria. The Editorial Board and crew are made up of established scholars and seasoned practitioners. We are pleased to present a call for submission of articles for this special issue on the theme: Legal Education, Ethics, and Professional Responsibility.

The legal profession occupies a preeminent and noble position in Nigeria. There is the need to maintain this preeminent position and nobility through legal education, and keeping to terms with professional ethics and responsibilities. With the pace in globalisation, engendered by modern sophistication, the practice of law has taken diversified approaches; opening new vistas for lawyers. The prominence and nobility of the profession is being called to question. Lawyers are attacked and referred to as contributing to the crimes of money laundering and corruption. There is the rising ethical issue of involvement of lawyers in money laundering using their practice as a conduit pipe for money laundering. The Bar is being painted as corrupt for shielding persons alleged as corrupt.  The unique role of lawyers in the profession requires that lawyers should be well-trained, observing the tenants and morals of the profession. The lawyer should not be found wanting in the discharge of his duties to the court, society and legal profession. A lawyer must be well cultured, maintain an upright posture and be driven by a positive attitude and commitment to the practice of law. The legal education and profession should be regulated in such a way that lawyers are not perceived as a curse but a blessing to the society. Redefining legal education, professional ethics, and core values is becoming more pressing giving the current realities in Nigeria.  The Universities, Law Schools and the Nigerian legal profession through its bodies should chart the right course towards making the legal profession a force to be reckoned with in all facets of life. In essence, the legal landscape in Nigeria must be threaded by lawyers who have by their noble call, practising as private legal practitioners, academics, civil or public servants or in-house solicitors. Miyetti Law Review is bringing this call for papers to invite articles that robustly address but are not limited to the following sub-themes:

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  • Issues arising from the regulation of the legal education in Nigeria
  • The legal bases and meeting points of the Nigerian Universities Commission and the Council of Legal Education in regulation of the teaching of law in the Nigerian Universities
  • Continuing legal education and the practice of law and the extent to which the legal profession in Nigeria has fared
  • The roles of the regulatory bodies in the legal profession – NBA, Body of Benchers, Council of Legal Education, and the General Council of the Bar etc.
  • Evaluation of the rules of professional conduct
  • Liabilities of lawyers for professional negligence
  • Revisiting lawyers’ right of audience in the law courts
  • Curbing the vulnerability of the legal profession to money Laundering and corrupt practices
  • The clinical legal education as a tool towards the preparedness in the practice of law
  • Modern trends in law office management
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Conflicting judicial authorities and the duty of the legal profession in charting the right course
  • Strengthening the role of the bar and bench in the administration of justice in Nigeria
  • Evidentiary issues and the role of the legal practitioner
  • The discipline of legal practitioners
  • The role of the Bar and the discipline of judicial officers
  • The Nigerian legal profession as an instrument of social engineering

The Miyetti Quarterly Law Review hereby invites contributions on legal issues arising from the above themes, which are nevertheless not exhaustive. Articles should be sent as a word document to editor@miyettiquarterlylawreview.com on or before 1 October 2016.

Contributors should ensure that their articles are well edited in clear language and must conform to the submission guidelines. Only well-edited articles conforming to the guidelines attached will be considered for peer review.



Articles should be sent as a word document to editor@miyettiquarterlylawreview.com on or before 1 October 2016.